#Latest version: 3.8 (3rial)

A marketplace inside your mobile phone?

VeePeeMarket is a virtual public marketplace.
An online marketplace where you can buy or sell products from anywhere conveniently using your mobile phone. No technical skills are required.

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100% online shopping

Introducing new methods of paying for products. 0% difficulty in purchasing products, 0% difficulty in receiving payments from your customers

Easy customization

VeePee Market is making online shopping to be as easy as ABC. Customize your online store in seconds and order for products in seconds

Fraud Detector

Our payment code and GodsEye security strategy prevents you from getting defrauded by illegal merchants online.

VeePee Market is the market of the future

The virtual public market is building a replica of your physical business but this time, a virtual one. The next generation is going to be virtual, please don't go alone! Let's take your business there with you.

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Easy business growth

We've inplemented new, awesome features to quickly scale up your merchandise

Fully Secured

Our payment code strategy is unvulnerable. It makes it impossible for you to get scammed easily.

Easy Monitoring

We will notify you about every new order which you receive and all necessary informations


Enjoy superfast digital marketing. Order for any product within seconds, no much procedures to follow

User Friendliness

It is easy to learn how to use, trade and shop on the VeePee Market app. You will adapt to it very quickly


We respect integrity. You will receive a detailed breakdown of each and every order you make or receive

Thunda banner

Thunda is a delivery and transportation app that enables you to book for a ride or earn by driving and can be used to simplify product delivery. Whence a product has been ordered for in VeePee Market, some sellers find it hard to go for deliveries but with the new Thunda app, anyone with a vehicle and a driving license who is registered can earn by opting to deliver that product for the seller.

Updated merchant store prices (super-cheap)

And just like a realtime marketplace, we've got Kiosks, Supershops, Enterprises and Plazas up for grabs. You can rent one here or in the app



  • Max products - 30
  • Max. daily visits - 20
  • Shipping plan - Not free
  • Max. daily orders - 10
  • Commission - 5%
  • Free advert video - No


  • Max products - 50
  • Max. daily visits - 50
  • Shipping plan - 10% off
  • Max. daily orders - 20
  • Commission - 3%
  • Free advert video - No


  • Max products - 100
  • Max. daily visits - 200
  • Shipping plan - 10% off
  • Max. daily orders - 40
  • Commission - 3%
  • Free advert video - Yes


  • Max products -
  • Max. daily visits -
  • Shipping plan - 20% off
  • Max. daily orders -
  • Commission - 3%
  • Free advert video - Yes

asked questions

In case you are being inquisitive about the services of the virtual public market, you can always ask. Our customer service team is ever ready to answer your deepest question.

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All dedicated Paystack payment methods:

  • Wire transfers
  • Bank transfers
  • USSD
  • All credit/debit card types
  • Virtual credit cards (VCC)
  • Visa QR
  • Bank deposit

After you make payments for your products, the money does not get to the seller immediately. Instead, a payment code will be given to you while the seller will be notified about the order. On delivery, you are to give the payment code to the seller if the delivered product matches exactly with what you requested for.

Once the customer gives you your payment code on delivery, you are to open the app and select the option which says "receive a payment". Type the code and your money will be stored in your account. In less than 24 hours, all funds will be automatically remitted into your bank account.

Every product that goes in line with our trade standards can be placed for sale.

Any suspicious item will be automatically banned or deleted.

If you disagree with any product ban decision, you can always contact the customer care.

For the best Google Pay experience, we recommend using a debit card whenever you send or receive money from friends and family. With a debit card, sending and receiving money is usually the fastest option.